I must admit I didn't watch "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", but after tuning in to one episode I was feenin for the next. Well, I don't know which one of the characters is my favorite. Just when I start to like  one, then they say or do something that's just totally out of control, so right now I'm confused. I know editing plays a major role into how we the viewers perceive each character, so they all except for sewage rat Kim have cool qualities that I like and dislike. Ok, recently rumors about Sheree have been running rampant in blogworld saying Sheree didn't reveal she has a very grown 23 year old daughter, Tierra  in college. Sheree had Tierra when she was 15yrs old, so word is she wanted to keep this all a secret to save her "reputation". Reports came in from an alleged friend of Tierra to SandraRose. (Read Letter) Sheree if you denied your daughter, shame on you, then check out this song I picked out for you… (Listen) So, Essence caught up with Sheree a second time so she can set the record straight!

ESSENCE.COM: Hello again, Sheree. This show has truly been a hit, so congrats on the success. How has the response been and are you guys doing Atlanta justice?

SHEREE WHITFIELD: People notice me every day. I'm like, "Oh my gosh, does that mean I have to put a face on every day?" I don't like wearing makeup (laughs). It's something that's obviously long overdue because people have been waiting to see [a show] like this and are definitely tuning in. We're not here to represent all of Atlanta. There are people who relate to us and people who cannot. Unfortunately, on the show they show us going to a lot of parties. We do things for the community, too, but they aren't showing that.

ESSENCE.COM: There have been rumors in the blogosphere about the fragility of your relationship with your eldest daughter, Tierra. How is your relationship with your daughter and how is she enjoying the show?

WHITFIELD: She likes the show and we have a great relationship and you just have to take the good and the bad when it comes to rumors. I want to mentor young girls. A lot of times they become young mothers and think, I've made a mistake, I've gotten myself pregnant. They continue the cycle by having more kids. Yes you can continue to dream and you can still finish school and be who you want to be. Your life is not over.

ESSENCE.COM: You mentioned that you don't check the blogs, but they definitely have their eyes on you. Is it true that you gave one of your party planners a bounced check?

WHITFIELD:I've heard that one. And if I gave you a bounced check, sweetie, post the check. Don't talk about it. One lesson I have learned through this is you realize who your real friends are. I found out someone who [I thought] was close to me has been sending a lot of the negative stuff to different bloggers. I guess I cut her 15 minutes to 2. That was an eye opener.

UPDATE: READ THE DIRT ON ALL ATL Housewives After the Reunion Show HERE

Interview continues

ESSENCE.COM: (Laughs.) The bloggers will always talk, but are you surprised by cast mates Kim and NeNe's comments about you?

WHITFIELD:Yeah, I have been surprised with their comments, though I've never heard Kim sing. One woman can be a little cattier than others. After my party, Kim and NeNe got together and totally bashed me. I thought it was crazy because I'd met Kim a few years prior through NeNe and we only saw each other in passing. So for her to sit and say all those mean things about my character, it was way out of line and she had no merit. Since the show, I've gotten to know her and you guys will see that.

ESSENCE.COM: So what do you think is the biggest misconception about you?

WHITFIELD: People are focusing on one facet of my personality but I am multifaceted. I am like a diamond and have many sides. I am a sweet person and loyal. I'm real and down-to-earth. And I am drama-free. Anybody who knows me knows I do not do the drama. Again, it's crazy because on the show; it looks different but you can't control that. When you are [followed], taped for months, and that [content] is edited, you become a character. Even so, I get so many e-mails from young girls that say I inspire them or that they admire me. If I can inspire one person, then I've done a tremendous service. So regardless of negative comments, that one e-mail outweighs the others.

Sheree's 3 Children (Her 23 yr old daughter not her "close friend")


  1. sharisse white said on November 12th, 2008:

    Hey Sheree I have no problem about what you do except when you didn't go to the door,and let nene in I thought that was kinda shitty.You did invite her.Anyway I loved that cake made out of your purse.It was hot.check you later.Sharisse

  2. sheree said on December 5th, 2008:

    You was totally wrong for not going to the door or showing any concern when NeNe was left standing at your door. That dress you had on at your the dreadful fashion show was not all of that some of your guest out dressed you. You might want to get in contact with Kimora.

  3. Lawntawndra Jankins said on February 3rd, 2009:

    Sheree is just discusstin you deny yo own daughter..someday you may need her to change your diapers.when you layin up deir broke on SSI Has she found a place to hang her coat yet..throw that damn thing over a chair and hush..its just wrong to pine to be white..

  4. anonymous said on March 14th, 2009:

    Well, Well, Well….it seems Sheree's whole idea was to reinvent herself, and become the woman that she is today. I did get the impression that during the show, she primarily spoke as if she only had two children, although the profiles that featured the housewives did indicate that she had three. Perhaps her first child didn't fit her new re-invented self and life, like her two younger children considering the two younger children ARE Bob Whitfield's babies….HER NEW AND IMPROVED LIFE AND SELF. I think it's fabulous to inhance and improve oneself, but how one goes about doing it is key too. Perhaps if it's the past she'd rather not dwell on, she could have just briefly touched on how she mananaged to come from where she did and get to where she is….Lisa and NeNe did….just "touched" on their past a bit as oppose to lying or denying, whatever the case may be. It's the best alternative if she didn't want to go into detail which is her right. What I know most mothers to do too, is include ALL of their children in their improved lifestyle so that ALL of the kids can share in the priviledges considering mothers generally want to do and give their children the best opportunities possible. Afterall, when Bob Whitfield married her,traditionally/ideally, he is making a statement that he will do for and love her child too. Also divorce in any form is unfortunate and difficult. But sometimes, I think people should evaluate true grounds for divorce, not just simply the "I wasn't happy" line or cliche'….since when has the majority of marriages (especially when you're married to an athlete) been easy or always perfect? It IS truly HARD WORK, as the other saying goes…..AND YES, IT IS HARD WORK. The reason why I say this is well….it seems her husband was the primary part of her re-invented new self and life. Even if her intentions weren't to remain married to her husband much longer, (which per Sheree, she's the one that filed for divorce)as a woman whose primary source of income was her spouse, she probably could have/should have toughed things out a little while longer to really firmly get herself truly financially independent on her own terms and grounds, and know she can support her children the best that she can with or without/separate from his child support payments and so on, and then file for divorce. But again, seems like she was a little too confident that she would have her way entirely in the divorce settlement and instead relied on that alone. When your life is aired on T.V., people may go digging for those bones. To totally deny or distance yourself from something as big as your child…..(???)….I think it's too much of a price to pay…even bigger than the seven figure settlement she was requesting.

  5. Meatball said on August 28th, 2009:

    She is too much. She is broke, uneducated and had a baby at 15 years old, but wants the world to think that she is the bomb. She needs to calm down!

  6. nikkid said on September 15th, 2009:

    @ meatball..

    Don't forget she got caught stealing twice before she was 20. It's funny how she wants to protect a reputation, but old money true elites have no idea who she is. What rep is she protecting?

    • Tony Gidle said on November 27th, 2010:

      She has alot that she hiding.. Starting with her sister she never mentions in Ohio..

  7. Renee Eason said on October 26th, 2009:

    I really like Sheree. I liked her before I found out about her other daughter but it doesn't change anything to me. I'm never the one to take the high road, and as much as I LOVE bashing people I do feel that she in entitled to protect her private life. Just because she is a reality star doesn't mean she has to put all of her business on front street.

  8. April said on October 30th, 2009:

    I have never liked Sheree'. She is a liar & very arrogant. People that live in glass houses should not throw stones me dear! You are a teenage mom which is bad decision making, a theif, a liar and most of all a two bit phony. Two bits is all you would have if it weren't for Mr. whitfield. You do not support yourself if so HOW? Receiving child-support is not considered supporting ones self. You are a Hood-Rat. You have not accomplished anything but spreading your legs for money. You critisize Kim for doing what you do in a different manner! At least Kim admits it and she slso is educated- "Checked ya BOO!"

  9. JC Stewart said on November 3rd, 2009:

    I love the show. All of the cast members keep it very interesting. Its funny reading these comments though. We all have something going on in our lives, and I'm pretty sure we don't always handle every situation perfectly, yet it's easy to be the judge and jury when observing someone other than yourself.

  10. Tony Gidle said on November 27th, 2010:

    Sheree still messing an important person her little sister whom still lives in Cleveland.. actually Cleveland Heights.. they have been keeping secrets for years but only Sheree friends back in Cleveland knows …what us are they hiding I heard her sister a little hot mess fucking celebs…maybe Diddy knows…but she is smarter and more prettier than her big sister. I dont wont to put her sister out there yet but I know hopefully she looks at this dont get like your sister a celeb..bitch…

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