Jermaine Dupri was the HNIC over at Def Jam but he has been FIRED, let go, dismissed, told to get to steppin' EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!! For good reason too, because Jermaine hasn't created ANY hits since Mariah Carey's "Emancipation of Mimi" album, which was highly successful. No luck with relighting Janet's career with those lackluster albums he's helped to put out..And let's not talk about the failure with Bow Wow in the past couple of years. Seems everything he touches has failed (Celie, lol), including his Cafe Dupri restuarant in Atlanta that he had to close down last year, for lack of profit. So at the end of the day this little smurf ain't running nothing but his mouth and his biles…lol According to shit starter Katt Williams Jermaine's punk ass still hasn't went to see Da Brat up in prison, so maybe now he will!


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