Regina Belle has announced  that she is taking a break on the road promoting latest album "Love Forever Shines", while she recuperates in her Atlanta home after undergoing two surgeries to address "an undetected illness."

"I have had the first of two surgeries to correct my illness and because 'GOD IS GOOD' the first surgery went wonderfully!" Belle said in an open letter to her fans. "The healing time requires no singing or flying for a 3 month period … my second surgery will take place in six months, and I will have another 2 month recovery period … I really believe that God heals!"

"I will continue to heal and be thankful for what God has already done, while I trust that you are prayerful and sending me well wishes," Belle wrote. "To all of my fans, pastors and churches, radio and retail, booking agents, promoters and everyone that has allowed my messages of music to go forward, thank you so much for your understanding in all of this. I love you all and I'm working hard to get back to you!"

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  1. lafeare ward said on November 26th, 2012:

    I would like to receive information in reference to Regina Belle's former brain tumor success, where her surgeries were held, and her triumph. My father has brain cancer and is undergoing the trials of chemotherapy, sleeps alot now, and now at 70, body temperature is not the usual in these seasons. Thankyou for any replies would be gratifying, and yes, i have been, as well as my parents, have been fans of miss Regina Belle for a long time!

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