Pastor Donnie McClurkin is a homosexual and compares the craving for men to having diabetes… Are you kidding? DM still loves the penis whenever he get thru sugarcoating the situation…Check out the interview he did with Carrington Lei as the good pastor explains his reasoning behind the pipe….

Now, a part of the reason so many people take issue with you is because you believe that homosexuality is a choice and can be, I’m not sure how to phrase this – is "cured" the right word?
Cured is what they have said in order to make it more villainous or controversial. Most of the things you read that I’ve said, I have not said. There’s always a spin on it, it’s all according to whose telling the story – it’s not good print if it’s not controversial.

I never said that I was cured from anything, I said that I was delivered, and that’s what God does – He delivers.

So, when you say delivered, does that mean that you were delivered from homosexuality – or the ability to act on a same-sex attraction, because there’s a difference.
Is there a difference?

I absolutely believe that there is a difference. You considered yourself gay at one point and now you say that you’re delivered. To me, the term delivered can be pretty ambiguous, depending on how you use it. The difference in saying, “I’m attracted to the same sex, but I’m choosing not to act on my attraction” and not having an attraction at all is vastly different.
Not at all. The bottom line is that it’s all the same. It’s by not choosing to act that the attraction and the appetite starts to abate and wane.

I’m a diabetic now and I don’t eat sugar, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t want sugar. The more I don’t eat the sugar, the more I lose the taste for sugar and the more my diet starts to change permanently – I can’t stand a regular soda now because it’s too much sugar. So, the more I don’t intake the sugar, the more it leaves out of my desire.

I never really thought of it that way, but it makes sense. So, how do gay people who disagree with your position, approach you? Are they angry with you?
There has only been one instance were I had an angry outburst. Seven people came to our church and one young man came up to the alter call and he wanted to become verbal and aggressive while people were up there crying for God. Well, I’m not the traditional guy and my thing was, “If you don’t want God, go back to your seat and sit down and don’t you ever walk up here again with this! Do you think you can stop this? You can’t stop these people from receiving Jesus, so you go and sit down and don’t you open your mouth again until we finish this service!”

Then they wanted to leave and I told them to hold the door and don’t let them go nowhere. You came in here, you’re gonna stay until we finish the service.

Wow, how did that end?
In the ministry that I pastor, God has given me the control there and I’m not gonna let anybody come in and upset what God has done. If you want to talk to me, wait until I finish and say, “Can I have a word with you because I don’t agree with you.” those words alone will peak my interest and I’ll say, "Come on sit down – let’s discuss."

For the record, the ex-gay movement is a scam. Reports show it doesn't work and men and women who undergo these therapy sessions only find themselves back with gay partners.


  1. blujewel said on April 7th, 2009:

    I'm so sick of people like DM talking like this. He got that analogy off, but that doesn't mean a diabetic won't indulge in some sugar; it's how much is the question.

    Honestly, what he does is his biz, I just think it's a shame that one has to deny themselves love/affection because it's with someone of the same sex.

    love to live; live to love!

  2. pookie said on April 10th, 2009:

    one word hippo critter

  3. yazmar said on April 12th, 2009:

    Blue & Pookie-I agree!! Donnie is full of shit…literally!!

  4. Ezra said on April 15th, 2009:

    Why does it bother any of you that McClurkin is straight. Were you ever raped by gay people before? There's a difference. Yazmar, whatever you are, you need to watch how you speak about Clergy! You don't even know McClurkin.

    If you want to be gay, feel free. To be honest, Everyone don't want sh** and urine in their mouths, so you eat it. There's a reason gay people can't reproduce, you carry too much hatred. Straight people are straight, deal with it.

  5. yazmar said on April 15th, 2009:

    Ezra-You have your opinon on the matter and it's valued here, however you haven't the slightest clue who I know. Anyone that chooses an alternative lifestyle is fine with me, but Mr. McClurkin may want to watch himself being "clergy" as u put it on his use of analogies. Bottom line Donnie McClurkin is a homosexual man, and ultimately its up to him whether he continues to engage in sex with another man.

  6. Cassandra said on April 25th, 2009:

    Whether u want to accept that fact or not God already set the standard when He Created Adam & Eve. Which was the first example of Marriage & Relatonship. due to the fall of Adam & Eve. Sin Became the result as you look all around in the world,In Yr families & YOURSELF!It doesn't look to good. So because Donnie No, longer wears that Coat of his past life . He is Free In Deed because God said so . So it's not wether U believe it or not.IF YOU WERE FREE IN YOUR LIFE YOU WOULDN'T BE SO ANGRY IN YR COMMENTS ON FOCUSED ON HIS LIFE!Don't knock him because has spoken out loud with dignity & integrity ,the truth of being changed by the hand of GOD. I advise you be careful how you speak on him. He is Gods Anointed Man of God .Yes, all of us were born with Issues & raised with lifes unforseen problems . Instead of focusing wether Donnie is Homosexeual or delierved. SINCE ,YOU ARE COMFORTABLE IN YR LIFES PAIN ASK YRSELF "WHY,CAN'T GOD CHANGE A MAN IF HE MADE US.? SO REMEMBER THIS U ANGRY INDIVIDUALS THE ONLY REASON WHY YR ANGRY BECAUSE SMEONE OF YR NATURE HAS MADE A STAND.GOD's TRUTH WILL PREVAIL & HIS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE .TRY GOD AND U WILL SEE HOW HIS LOVES CHANGES YOU! God Bless

  7. Tenira said on April 28th, 2009:

    Cassandra I couldn't have said it better myself!!!!!! You are absolutely right.

  8. Moses mwale-Zambia said on May 3rd, 2009:

    I love pastor donnie mcClurkin coz he is just annointed and a man of destiny and he's just good.

  9. a. Christian said on March 22nd, 2010:

    I'm sorry to tell y'all, but what DM said is nothing but the truth! The problem I use to have reared it's ugly head from time to time as well. But when I made a stand and refused to give in to it, it became easier to resist each time. I overcame this tendency that I was born with. Yes, all of us have a predisposition towards something or another; and we have to decide whether or not to act upon. We are born with it because of sin and generational curses. After I read what the Bible says about all of us having the ability to be overcomers and conquerors, the bondage of "perishing for a lack of knowledge, was broken. I have overcome! I'm happier because of it. But most of all I RESPECT MYSELF. This is what being delivered from a stronghold is all about. You may not conquer it instantaneously; that's why the Bible says "resist the devil and he will flee." Keep standing, fighting, praying, believing, and resisting. You will overcome!

    Donnie is a straight man who 'use' to engage in homosexuality. Get use to it people!

    • Tiffany said on January 6th, 2011:

      I agree with your sentiments. Especially the part about each one of us having a predisposition towards one or (several) sins. I feel like the reason so many christian people show so much "hate" towards gay people is because they place different levels on sin. The God i serve doesn't have levels, and sees all of them equally. Therefore, just like if I'm born with a proclivity towards fornication, or gossiping, or stealing peoples' identities, in the same way, my life style choice is to engage in that act, it is for the people the LGBT community. But because those other things are "done in the dark," they aren't talked about as harshly as Homosexuality. They are ALL wrong, regardless of what the world chooses to acknowledge as a bigger flaw. I have many friends who struggle in the realm of sexuality, promiscuity, or just a general identity and for each of them the salvation is at the Cross. None of them, however, is any closer to hell. We all need a savior.

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