Those of you that watched the MTV Music Awards may have saw Joseph Jackson's money grubbing ass with a young female on the red carpet… Word is he's dating her, but she's also a new "artist"  named Taina signed to his label. How tacky and disrespectful to Katherine and the MJ Tribute was this? It seems like it's been nothing but a party for Joe Jackson every since Michael passed..What won't this Cialis using, slimy negro NOT do?


  1. Val said on September 17th, 2009:

    Dis Nigga is trifflin' end of story…no wonder the family don't like his money hungry ass! And he ugly too

  2. Val said on September 17th, 2009:

    And just look @ how trashy that bitch look! She look like she needs somebody's help to break into music…and as far as Joe having a record label..never heard of it, don't care!

    I hate to get crunk but Joe Jackson pisses me off.

  3. elisa said on December 17th, 2009:

    i think she looks real cute and to be honest joe&katherine splited and it was time for them to move on and far as the kids not liking thier father thats a bullshyt lie they love thier dad and how do we know they dating anyway just because some one hug on someone like that doesnt really mean they have to be dating.they can be real close…when jay-z said that he was gonna kill chris brown because he rihanna and everyone thought that they was dating but really they was just friends and they loved eachother thats all and joe is not that damn hateful toward michael to think that this is all a party since his son been dead just tryna move on

  4. LarryW said on July 3rd, 2011:

    Slimeball Joe is now dating an oriental chick that looks like she could be 26. Small little girl ,She is Joes new hoe

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