Reginald Davis in Forest City, Arkansas resident has been charged with rape and second degree battery, after raping his 8-day old baby (Sept 1). Investigators say say he attacked the child during a visit at the child's 15 year old mother's house. The baby was transferred to Children's Hospital in Little Rock, due to a skull fracture and severe injuries. Davis is being held on a 100,000 bond.

May this mentally ill bastard rot in the pits of hell, forever and a day!!!


  1. val said on September 24th, 2009:

    Raping an new born?? What in the world….! good god what is this world coming too. As a mother how do you tell your child they were raped 8 days after they were born and that's why they are the way they are today…we've got to get control of these babies having babies man…

  2. EJ said on September 24th, 2009:

    This nasty piece of shit of a man needs serious help. I ran across another article on a different website and it explained why the child had fractures to the skull and why someone could possible want to do this to a precious child. I think this man needs some torture done back to him because he is out of this fucking world for doing some crap like this. The sad thing is that his bond is only set at 100,000 dollars. I seen somewhere that a man that stole from the Gov & IRS is in jail on 150,000 dollars bond. So, I guess someone who takes money from the Gov is more of a sick-o then a sex crazed maniac that rapes his own child and damages his childs organs for the rest of their poor life. I bet if it was a baby from the suburbs this man woulda been lynched already!!!!! What has the world come to?!

  3. Punisher said on September 25th, 2009:

    What the fuck piece of black shit….I would of burn him alive stuck a gas nose in his ass till the gas start to leak out his mouth and burn him to dead. piece of shit

  4. ange mad ass green said on September 29th, 2009:

    Kill These Son a Bitch Black Ass Ugly SickBastard They Should Scalp Him Them Fuck Him With A Mop Broom And Ny Other Hardware Stick It Up To His Tonsils Then Pour Alchol All Over him Them Set Him On Fire Waste Of FuckinAir U Black Monkey Piece Of Cowshit… And Yes Im Black Muthfucka

  5. AYANNA JOHNSON said on September 29th, 2009:

    He's dead wrong for that….He has to meet his maker one day, and judging from the comments that some of these people wrote, they want to help his ass with the process of getting there quick. That's a baby you sick fuck, what is wrong with you….all these rats and prostitutes running around giving it up for free and you do this to an innocent precious baby…u will die of a thousand deaths and that's real

    • quinn said on October 29th, 2010:


      free? What hooker do you know that gives it up for free??

  6. quinn said on October 29th, 2010:

    lol…Whaat..? I mean.. that's.. what?


    How do you even do that??

    What the hell? That's just so completely fucked up.

    I want to make some kind of intelligent, well thought out social commentary but i can't even get my head around this.. It's like you're telling me 2+2=3. My mind is just like "No. No that's not possible. That can't happen"

    Jesus jumped up christ..

  7. Bigdiva said on July 1st, 2011:



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