Round One of The Real Housewives of Atlanta went off without too much drama. Everybody wants to reconcile, however Lisa confronts Dwight, and we find out is that really Kim's voice on "Tardy for the Party"?…Discussions about Sheree¬† trying to snatch off Kim's wig went down as well….Let's just say this reunion the girls went with "less is more", no argument or in your face curse fests.…and as a fan of the show, that sucks because who loves the Drama is me!! LoL!!

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  1. Merlinda said on November 1st, 2009:

    Well, I certainly tuned in to the first part of the reunion and was quite bored. I am glad however, that the ladies have tamed themselves this reunion. I think this has alot to do with the fact that Kandi's loss was something that was discussed. If not, then all hell would have broken loose. I am a little tired of the Kim and Nene drama. I think that after all that drama surrounding the song [Nene and Kim and the verbal altercation at Sheree's "Independence Party", Nene and Kandi getting into it because of the song, Nene and Kim getting physical], they don't need to be friends. They perhaps should just keep in friendly. That is just too much drama and other people are getting dragged into it. Unlike the other ladies, Kandi does not stir up sh!t for the sake of ratings. Kandi got draagged into this mess with Nene, all while defending Kim and now Kim and Nene are friends again? Now where does that leave Kandi. I'm sure next season, we will see that Kim starts talking smack about Kandi to Nene. What do you guys think?

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