Mary J. Blige had her album release party Tuesday night at M2 Lounge, when reports say she had an all out brawl with husband  Kendu…Reports are swarming that Mary punched Kendu in the face, so hard she bloodied it…Sources  say the fight broke out because Kendu was flirting with a waitress in VIP…The NY Post quoted an eyewitness, “She turned to him and was screaming, ‘You’re not going to ruin my night,’”…

“They got up in each other’s faces before someone tried to separate them, at which point she shoved the guy aside, pulled back and popped Kendu in the face.” the witness added.

“She was yelling at him, ‘What are you gonna do, Chris Brown me?’ Four of her bodyguards and two of the club’s kept them apart.”

Mary J. Blige went to the bathroom to fix her hair and makeup, but soon fled, creating an uncomfortable scene for party-goers Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Busta Rhymes.

Mary J. Blige's rep said: “People lie and don’t know what they’re talking about.”

This story is definitely developing, and I'm not sure if someone is out to ruin Mary's image, or if this is the gospel truth. But, IF Mary and Kendu's relationship is on the brink of failure leading to divorce, we are all doomed in the love department LoL!! So I really need Mary to come out and do damage control on this one…Check out a few pics from the album listening party…


Mary J. Blige denies the allegations with NYDaily News..

"Mary was not fighting with her husband,". "Her husband and her brother got into an altercation that turned into a fight. Mary went to break up the fight" says spokeswoman Karynne Tencer. "She never mentioned Chris Brown," "Nobody was bleeding," Tencer said. "Mary and Kendu went home together They are as happy as can be,”  “They’re spending the holidays together with their three children on the east coast.

"Everything’s great.”



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