Constant gay rumors involving Trey Songz have sprouted wings and taken flight leaving female fans bewildered, and male groupies overjoyed. The story is quite interesting, but not shocking since it's no secret the music industry is permeated with down low, and those living alternative lifestyles (pun intended) A former Songbook artist wrote into Bossip to confirm Trey Songz did indeed have a sexual relationship with Howard University student Brandon Hines (seen pictuered below, left), and other men to make it in the music industry.



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Hey Bossip

I’m a singer/rapper and former member of “Songbook Ent.” Trey Songz imprint, managed by Troy Taylor (He wrote “Holla When You Need Me” and many other of trey’s records). I was a part of Songbook ent. in 2006, around the time Trey had begun recording “Trey Day”. I recorded a few records at Songbook studios, at Troy Taylors house in a small city in Texas, and observed Troy and his relationship with Trey and Brandon Hines. Before I was even a part of Songbook, Troy asked me alot of weird questions about my future over the phone and even asked me about my sexual preference. I told him I’m straight and he said I need to be sure of that because this industry can make you do things you “wouldn’t normally do”. He asked the same bizarre questions to my producer, which struck us both as weird, as this was just an example of the odd things he would ask of us. Troy says he saw Brandon Hines in the audience at a show singing the words to all trey’s songs and from there, Brandon would end up living with Troy. When I recorded at Songbook studios, Brandon lived in Troys house. They had a very bizarre relationship. He told me of Brandon and Trey going to the movies together and continued to make me feel uncomfortable with the way he spoke of the relationship between the 3 of them. His wife was NEVER home when I came over, but Brandon was always there, he even came downstairs in a towel the first time I was introduced to him. There are many up and coming artists Troy seemingly turns out, and he calls his little program “Troy Taylor University”, I had alot of odd vibes between those 3, when I saw the article on about Trey and Brandon, I figured I should stand up and let people know it’s not a rumor, it’s 100% true and the reason I’m no longer with Songbook…

People should know Trey ain’t the ladies man people think he is, and anybody who gets “offers” from either of them to work with Songbook, don’t expect to excel in your career, it’s some weird homo trap he’s trying to get you in.


  1. Mtho said on August 11th, 2012:

    D dude is lovely gay or nt,bt we dnt want to be fooled by hm…th's ntn wrng wt bng gay ryt?

  2. Mel said on February 5th, 2013:

    Trey Songz is not Gay. Even Chosen Wilkins said Trey Songz is not gay on the Noon Guys Show. He said that Trey Songz is dealing with rumors stemming from his previous manager who is gay. Believe me, Chosen would know because of course, you know. I thought Trey was gay on the low but now i'm not so sure. He says the same manager has placed false rumors on him that has started a lot of bad media on the Internet and in the industry about him. Whoever, the bad ex-manager is, get up off of Trey Songz case. He don't need you on his business anymore you faggot.

  3. zinda said on February 6th, 2012:

    So basically your confirming he's gay…interesting! Personally I don't care he's not my type but I saw him in person and he's very talented he sounded just like he does on his albums. So at the end of the day that's all that is really relevant he makes good music that I enjoy listening to. Everything else is between him and God. As long as his dick isn't going in me or anyone I have sex with. He can screw another hole in his butt for all I care!

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