May your mind no longer wonder about Queen Latifah's true sexuality..It has all been revealed about Miss Dana, and she obviously can care less. The paparazzi caught Latifah chillin' with Alicia Keys and Swizzy on their honeymoon, sailing the Mediterranean on a huge yacht with her longtime girlfriend/wife Jeanette Jenkins….Whatever's cleva, but who's surprised?

Alicia and Queen La look like they are talking about some heavy shit…Birds of a feather!


  1. jessica said on December 1st, 2011:


  2. Saskia Bloem said on August 28th, 2012:

    RESPECT, Queen latifah ,may you be happy the way you pursue your true happiness! either with a woman or a man, its great that you chose your happiness, it never changes the way i look at you, as my biggest idol!

    X a huge fan of ''Last holiday'' and a person who keeps her own book of possibilities on track, to get the best out of life, and a fellow LGBT,

    Thank you for bringing those positive movies and songs to the audience, it makes my life really pure, those great messages from the soul.

    God bless ya,


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