The saga is getting bloodier by the minute as Raz B drops another bomb in the ongoing molestation/gay/rape case against Marques Houston and Chris Stokes.  Raz says Lil' Fizz  (formerly of (B2k) was the first to be d*cked down by singer Marques Houston. He also claims that Bow Wow and Lil' Fizz  use to have sex with one another all the time.Who's surprised? Bow Wow has been linked to plenty gay rumors before. Remember his involvement with a transsexual by the name of Nadia (read here)? How about the sex story Kat Stacks  revealed about  Bow Wow while in a drunken stupor? She says he divulged to her that he liked vibrators inside his anus, and how he's confused about his sexuality [read here] SMH!! After telling everyone's sexual preferences to the masses, I sure hope they don't find Raz-B in an alley somewhere stankin' (dead)…

Take a listen to the audio….


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