Trey Songz isn't only known for his singing, but  also for the constant limp in the wrist, down low/gay/bisexual rumors. Trey is now being accused of bending over and spreading eagle for Jay-Z 's male RocNation employee in his spare time. Bossip has the scoop…..

Bossip sources tell us there is a new man in Trey’s life: 24-year-old Brandin Deida, an employee of RocNation.

Our source tells us that Brandin is an NYU graduate who worked at Sony in their A&R department before getting his gig at RocNation. From what we hear he’s quite a looker. He’s described as being a 6’4 lightskinned young man who sports waves and a few tattoos.

According to a Bossip inside source, Trey and Brandin met in Los Angeles on September 12 — a day before the MTV Video Music Awards.

“They’ve been inseparable ever since,” says the source, “but everything is very lowkey.”

Our source tells us the two have avoided being photographed together thus far, but Trey is always visiting Brandin at the 1411 Roc building in NYC where he works since Trey has spent a great deal of time in New York since finishing his Beacon Theater dates on 10/14 and 10/15 when his tour with Monica wrapped up.

“Trey is in Seattle right now preparing for the OMG Tour which starts tomorrow,” the insider tells Bossip, “and Brandin is there also, presumably on “business”.”

Apparently Trey and Brandin have been trying hard to cover their tracks and have a set routine for the hotel stays. The pair are currently staying at the same Seattle hotel where Brandin has a room to himself and Trey does as well. Our source tells us that despite the separate rooms, Trey and Brandin often end up being together for the night.

“Everything they do is very elaborate,” the source says of their attempt to cover up.”They don’t ride in the same cars either.”


  1. Lass said on November 11th, 2010:

    Damn he is getting caught!! Come out already Trey!

  2. Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson said on January 1st, 2011:

    If I hear this crazy rumor one more damn time, I am going to scream. Question, why does every damn black male artist gotta be gay. Tremaine Aldon Neverson aka Trey Songz Is NOT and I repeat Is NOT gay. He dismissed the crazy rumors last month, he is 100% Straight, ohkay, for all the sources out there. Alright, I know this is your way of making money by making up rumors about celebrities today. Before you start another rumor about him, you need to check yourself. A friend of mine, told me that if someone starts a gay/bi/ or what ever rumor about you then that means that they (the sources) are gay, and (the sources, well I def. know that I wont see you in Heaven, cause you will be very toasty down below, in Hell where all of these fonies websites that is basically garbage belong indeed with the Devil himself cause all it is, is the evil spirit in you. And for those who believe all rumors especially gay ones are gay awell. Sorry but you may be gay if you like to believe crazy rumors of black artist.

    • michael said on February 10th, 2011:

      um…ms.tremaine aldon neverson i goin wit u bro cnt b gay/bi/. i mean look at all da grls he b in videos wit, come on now,oh and that toasty part in ur letter wuz hilarious, but sis we need to fuck these bitches up fo sayn dat. sike bt im a ts fan nd something gotta give.

  3. D of DC said on January 4th, 2011:

    Clearly Trey is a bottom, but that's ok.

  4. Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson said on July 8th, 2011:

    Michael, I know he's w/ so many females…. that should be the first sign right there glad to see that someone else is on our side, Trey and I…. and for everyone else I really meant the toast part in my previous letter!!!!!!!!

  5. honestthought said on September 18th, 2011:

    Why is it so hard to believe that he met possibly in fact be bi or gay? Does anyone remember tevin Campbell? He was at the peak of his career when it came out he was gay. Anyone remember Luther vandross he wrote some of the best love songs and he was gay. Its called marketing he has sex appeal obviously that's why women are upset about it unfortunately they have built his career on being a sex symbol that why it would probably kill his career. Its more difficult to come out in the black community because of gossip sites like this geared mainly toward niggas their is no intellect just gossip. But honestly its not hard to believe majority of Hollywood is either gay or bi or at a point messed with the same sex rappers are the most dl than all music

  6. destinee h said on November 24th, 2011:

    It Looks llike he just sleep and so man grabbin his head.!

  7. candy mccain said on December 20th, 2012:

    I dont beleave this shisk. They say everyone is gay

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