Ray J  is on a mission..Brandy's brother claims, that he 's getting a large amount of unwanted attention from the fallout of Raz B's recent video's about alleged child molester/gay lovers Chris Stokes and Marques Houston. Ray J is desperately asking that Raz clear his name, because he's getting calls from Diddy and Jay-Z, as well as guys trying to hook with him for booty dates. Ray J also states that he recently spoke to Marques Houston, who didn't once deny the pedophile/gay sex rumors. So guess what, Raz being the friend his is, tapes the conversation and puts it online…HA!

Take a listen

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  1. MsTrendy said on December 2nd, 2010:

    He is such a media whore. What is up with him? He is so stupid. He just wants another record deal. Damn RayJ you really just made it worst for yourself.

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