cropped Steve Harvey Tom Joyner Bev Smith DL Hughley 2009 Getty Dimitrios Kambouris TOM JOYNER SAYS IM SORRY TO STEVE HARVEY

Radio Jock Tom Joyner, pens an open letter to Steve Harvey for having his ex-wife Mary Harvey on his show.

I was thinking about coming on your show to apologize for having your ex-wife, Mary, on the TJMS, but I knew that would upset at least 60 of the 106 radio stations that carry the show. So, I hope this letter/blog will do. At some point soon, I hope we can get together to hug it up. We are Omega men, where "friendship is essential to the soul." We are Q Psi Phi 'til the day we die! I feel a hop coming on. Give me some "Atomic Dog" right here.

I realize now that I made a big mistake. I heard it from everyone  – from high-ranking political icons to Huggy Lowdown. Male, female, old, young, black, white … almost no one thought it was the right thing to do.
I honestly thought I could be "black 'Dr.Phil.'" I really hated to see you two become fodder for mainstream media. If you heard  the interview I conducted with Mary, then you know, I didn't bring her on to – nor did I allow her to  – trash you. Yes, she had negative things to say, but nothing that she hadn't already said publicly or that you hadn't already publicly denied. What I didn't anticipate – and  should have – was how much of what was said apparently had no truth to it. You tried to tell me, but I thought if I stayed neutral, I could allow Mary to at least represent her side.
Knowing that a large number of our female audience could relate to being divorced and angry about things not turning out they way they thought they would, I ultimately thought having her on would be good for everyone — well, maybe not necessarily you, but I sure wasn't doing it to hurt you in any way. And it didn't hurt you. It pissed you off – rightfully so – but it didn't hurt you.
So, will I promise that I will never have Mary on the show again? Can't promise that. What I will promise is that I know my limitations. I'm over trying to be a counselor, therapist or life coach. I'm back to being a DJ … and a frat.




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