Gay rumors about Todd "LL. Cool J" Smith aren't new, and transvestite/author Toni Newman has been adamant about his"reciprocal" one time sexual rendevous with glitter boy LL. Toni Newman claims to have passed a polygraph test twice about his encounters with LL, Mister Cee, Eddie Murphy and others. Don't let the muscles fool you ladies, because DL men come in all sizes and appearances.Now we know why LL constantly licks those penis flavored lips.

LL's wife Simone has my deepest sympathy…

Sidenote: LL Cool J's oldest son Najee Smith is also rumored to be homosexual view here. Like father, like son?

Listen to the Toni Newman interview below


  1. EJ said on May 9th, 2011:

    Society over sexes men and women, period. Black men wouldn't have to be so insecure about who they really are if the world wouldn't condemn them for having desires for men. Same thing goes for women, people wouldn't have to hide behind who they really are if people would stop passing judgement against others who are different.

    A lot of women now a days don't even care if men are gay or bisexual. Its starting to be of the norm now. My only complaint about homosexuals, bisexuals, straight or curious people are the lies people tell and the games people play. Be honest with people and let them decide if they are willing to deal with it.

    Women are the same way. Its not only men. Women hide behind their husbands and children and on the side they getting ate up by another woman afraid to be who they really are or are too busy trying to pretend to be a good girl when they are just as freaky as these men out here.

    I say to all just be honest with your partners. The hell with what society thinks or feels. EJ

  2. Mr. Rain said on May 9th, 2011:

    i agree wit you EJ except for all the "its cool to be gay" talk. Its not. Society is correct. Sodomites and carpet munchers need to stop! I dont want my kids thinking dat shit is cool!!!!

  3. EJ said on May 10th, 2011:

    @ Mr. Rain ignorant comments like this are the very reason that society is fucked the way that it is. And, women and men will continue to lie and hide behind who they really are because society cannot handle the truth. Until people are ready to address the real issues we will continue to see stuff like this. LL ain't the first and he won't be the last. For all we know you could be a undercover "sodomite" or "carpet muncher" as you call it. Only those who live their own lives in the closet because they are so insecure and ashamed of self go around hating others. Secure and happy people don't give a damn about a person's sexual orientation. EJ

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