According to some random slut faced whore, rapper Young Jeezy is working with a thumb sized penis. Well, I'll let  the hooker tell you about it in her own words…..

When listening to the lyrics delivered by some of today’s hottest rappers and r&b singers, many give the impression that they are great in bed and will leave a woman quivering for days. Well, this was the case the first time I heard Jeezy’s song “Tear It Up”…

A few years ago, when Jeezy was still going by the name of Young Jeezy, I had the opportunity to meet and exchange phone numbers with the self-proclaimed “Snowman”. It was during a major, private industry event in Atlanta where everybody who was anybody was in attendance. Two of my close female friends and I decided to leave our section to go browse and see what other money was in the building. While walking through the celebrity filled crowd, we walked past the CTE section. Jeezy and I locked eyes for a moment, but a real woman knows a man is more intrigued if you act uninterested, so I kept it moving. I could barely make it a few steps before one of the CTE members came grabbing me to redirect my attention back to Mr. Jay Jenkins- who was standing on top of the table with a bottle of Moet. After a brief conversation (because I didn’t want too many eyes, including the money I was there with, to notice), Jeezy and I exchanged numbers.

We kept in contact via text and brief phone convos but our schedules never matched up. Finally, after a couple months, we linked up. I decided to take a personal day from work and called Jeezy to see if he was in town. He was so he gave me directions to his home in Alpharetta. While driving into the neighborhood and up the long, high driveway, my mind was going crazy. All I kept replaying was the song chorus with him saying “Imma Tear The Pu$$y Up”. Im not new to this, so I knew that by going over his house we weren’t going to just sit and twiddle our thumbs- he was going to try to f**k….. I was all ready for it.

I walked in and was immediately impressed by the design of the home. Everything was all black and white and immaculately decorated. I made my way upstairs to the master bedroom. We layed in the bed & talked while watching a movie and of course, it began to go down. I was waiting for Jeezy to drop his draws and reveal a monster c**k, so imagine my disappointment when I met his average a*s d**k! I don’t know about most women, but it I can d__p th___t a man’s entire d**k (with my nose damn near touching his stomach) without choking or gagging, there’s a problem!! It was too late at that point so I sucked it up and began s**king him off. I couldn’t even get into it- the whole time rolling my eyes to myself while pretending to enjoy it.

After s**king his d**k, he put on a condom and we began to f**k. Have you ever driven all the way across town, wasted your gas and mileage just to find out your favorite store is closed? That’s how I felt about these worthless miles I just put on my pu$$y. The f**k was less than extraordinary. We f**ked missionary and then I turned over so he can hit it from the back- also hoping that the slanted angle of being bent over with my back arched would provide more satisfaction for me….. NOPE! Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a quick f**k. He definitely put it down for an extended amount of time. Maybe if I was drunk, if he was someone I had feelings for, or if he was caking me off, I could learn to love the d**k. But for a quick, midday f**k- I’ll pass.

Needless to say, we didn’t keep in direct contact after that. I’ve seen Jeezy a few times after that and he always gives me the “Don’t I know you” look but I simply say “Nice to meet you”, flash a smile and keep it moving. Maybe his d**k game has improved with the influx of cash. Or maybe, I’ve just been blessed to only f**k with big d**ks in my lifetime so my pu$$y and throat may be biased……


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  1. Bad_B****_Only said on November 9th, 2012:

    RAT BITCH!!!!!

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