Not sure what Basketball Wives script reader Jennifer Williams   is wanting us to look at in the picture to the left, but whatever. Anyway rumor has it that Jennifer literally begged her way into a party hosted by Smooth Magazine, so she could hangout with 50 Cent. However, the real tea happened just days ago when Jenn's buddy ol' pal Evelyn Lozada eluded on twitter that she's living a double life?

 Uh Oooooh, vagina munching tales in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1?  Read juicy tweets below…..

Jennifer Williams wanted to hang with 50 Cent on Friday, but she didn't want to pay for it. A source tells us the VH1 "Basketball Wives" star arrived at Smooth Magazine's 10-Year Anniversary party at Club Amnesia in a white Maybach with seven girlfriends. But when organizers told her she had to shell out at least $2,500 for a table for her crew— a requirement for parties of 5 or more—the insider says Jennifer "threw a hissy fit" and began "begging" for VIP bracelets. She got her way."



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