A picture of a woman who is clearly off her meds, got rapper Drake's name tatted on her forehead. Think it's fake, well its not and the tattoo artist speaks about askinig this fool three times if she wanted to go ahead with the tatt.

“The funny thing is, I didn’t know who Drake was,” tattoo artist Kevin Campbell told the site. “I figured it was her hood or some sh*t, not some goofnugget R&B dude.” “The shop where I worked prior to Will Rise was in the center of the Harbor City Crip neighborhood, so I’m not really a stranger to tattooing gang sh*t on faces,” Campbell explained. “Which is what I originally thought that this was. I guess I feel bad that this dumbass got the name of the softest motherf*cker in hip-hop tattooed on her forehead.”

This is the epitome of being a FANatic…..SMFH



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