Just one day before Whitney Houston was found dead, Clive Davis said in a >>CNN interview<, that Jennifer Hudson was the next Whitney! Clive must have been smokin' meth, to say/think such nonsense.Guess he was serious, because Clive has put Jennifer Hudson and Rihanna on the shortlist of people to play Whitney in the forthcoming biopic. Is Jennifer the next Whitney? Watch Clive praise Jennifer Hudson here

Only two weeks after Whitney Houston’s passing, rumors are already circulating about a tell-all book to be penned by her ex-husband Bobby Brown and a biopic being put together by longtime mentor Clive Davis.

In fact, the U.K.’s Daily Mail thinks that Rihanna is the favorite to play Houston, with Jennifer Hudson, Vivica Fox, and Jordin Sparks also apparently on the short list.

All of those ideas remain simply rumors—and pretty flimsy ones as well; the names largely seem less like genuine casting news than an arbitrary collection of black actresses.


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  1. EJC said on February 28th, 2012:

    Clive big bulky fat ass ain't no damn good. He ain't nothing but a gangsta coming for his money. I wish they would let Whitney rest in peace. Jennifer Hudson needs to continue stuffing her face with frozen weight watchers meals and stop trying to fill Whitneys shoes. Whitney did enough to fill her own. She didn't need any help then and still don't need any help to this day. My heart goes out to her mother, daughter, family, REAL friends and REAL fans. I respect YAZMAR.COM for not posting her casket picture. Whomever took those photos probably shopped at GoodWill and thrift stores. And, I hope their soul burns in the hottest pits of hell.

    And, Bobby Brown need to sit the hell down. His burnt weed lips need to continue moving on. How bout you be there for your daughter Bobby Brown and stop looking for the next big moment for you. Your career went dead after the 80s and you're nothing but a big, fat, pot-bellied, dark-lipped druggie. You should have been the one laying in that casket, not Whitney Houston. But, they always say, the good die young. -EJ

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