Nas was a guest on Hot 97 with Angie Martinez to promote his new single, The Don on Wednesday. He wore a hoodie to support Trayvon Martin, but also shared his thoughts on the tragedy, his relationship with Ex-wife Kelis, son Knight, and the state of Hip-Hop.

On his son Knight, who turns three in July: “He looks like both of us. He looks a lot like [Kelis] in the eyes. He looks a lot like my first album cover [Illmatic] ’cause he got a little Afro.”

On his rocky relationship with ex-wife Kelis: “I’m still working toward that and that part is fun. Everything is about work, nothing’s easy. And I feel like if I didn’t have work, I’d just be dead.”

On the current state of hip-hop: “I love it. I like to see artists flossing. I like to see them make big records, go throw money in the clubs, and buy new chains. I just like people living their life and being happy.”

On how his collaboration with Tyga, “King & Queens,” came about: “My daughter was like, ‘Yo, Tyga’s that dude,’ and I know ‘Rack City’ is my joint. So I know when Tyga call, I’m on that album. That was her call.”

On the Trayvon Martin shooting: “You never wanna hear that kind of news. When it happens, you remember how many Trayvon incidents happen every day all over the world and have been happening. It doesn’t seem like the race problem will ever get solved. There’s a sickness that needs healing that this guy [George] Zimmerman is dealing with. And all the Zimmermans around the world, they’re dealing with hatred, ignorance, sickness, and they’re living in fear so I’m rocking my hoodie for my man.”


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