Ebony Magazine caught up with Tameka Raymond in an exclusive interview. She talks about hating bloggers, and her custody battle with Usher..

EBONY: How is your current custody battle going? How did it come about?

TR: I'm not at liberty to discuss it, as it deals with my young sons, but I was very surprised about the initiation of it. I'm actually not sure what inspired it but my only concern is my sons’ best interests and to ensure that great values are instilled in them as future men.

EBONY: Do you keep your children away from this?

TR: I don't keep them away per se, it's just something they don't pay attention to.

EBONY: How is your relationship with your ex-husband?

TR: Omnipresent.

EBONY: The bloggers haven't exactly been kind to you. How do you stay above the fray?

TR: Number one, I’m clear that oftentimes gossip blogs are started in someone’s kitchen while waiting on a Hot Pocket or pizza to bake, or after their boyfriend ran off with their BFF, or when their day jobs have cut their hours. For someone to bash another person, they are usually hurting; hurt people hurt people. Their negative words usually have no merit and there’s a real sickness in attempting to destroy others for hits or profit. It tells me that I'm doing something right to stay on their radars. It’s quite motivating and empowering. My neighbors are pretty oblivious to pop culture. My focuses are my family, my businesses, overall spiritual happiness. I am just focused on things that matter and the fray just simply doesn't.


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