Don't look for Stephanie Mills to ever take part in TV One's popular and highly rated series, Unsung. The legendary talent says hell-to-the-naw, after practically being begged by TVOne producers to be featured on one of their episodes. Stephanie is very underrated, but NOT Unsung!! Oh, and BET, Whitney Houston deserves a proper tribute at the 2012 BET Music Awards, so I suggest you call Stephanie!!! *closes laptop, and walks away*

Stephanie Mills tells Huffington Post

"I don't like that show… They have approached me quite a few times, but I [won't] do that show… I've always been very private and at 55 I don't want to open up my life to that… They've done Angela Winbush and they even wanted me to say something about her on that show, and I love Angela, we're sisters. But I had to tell her, 'I don't want to do that.' … I'm not that girl… I don't want to get on these shows and open my life up; I don't think it's anyone's business… Let me sing, let me do my concerts, let me do music."

I don't feel unsung… I feel like I've had a wonderful career. I've done wonderful things and met some many wonderful different people. So I don't feel like I'm unsung at all… They even called my agent and tried to offer me some kind of tour if I did the show, and I was like, 'I can't do it'… It [goes against] everything that I believe in."


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