Frank Ocean sings about his sexuality on upcoming Channel Orange album.The lyrics on his album were so telling, it forced Ocean to come clean and write a blog about his first love being a "man." He's a memeber of group Odd Future, but he's most known for collaboratinig with Jay Z and Kanye West on Watch the Throne. Read below.


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  1. BluJewel said on July 5th, 2012:

    I think Frank Ocean has done a completely honourable thing but outing himself. If he's secure in who he is and doesn't want to live behind a wall of fakery and rumours, then what's the big deal? I think it's time that people stood up for themselves and be and keep it real; why drag others through the charade of drama? Anyone who protests to his coming out, might want to take a look in the mirror…be they gay or not; we've all got some ish with us that's not always pleasing to the masses.

    Good for you Mr. Ocean

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