Two women, Pam Johnson and Stacee McWilliams have come forth and claim to have witnessed Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent standing around while his friend/teammate(Jerry Brown, Jr) screamed for his life while being burned alive. Both ladies described the same story to News 8, about their account of what happened just minutes after the incident.

 911 operators said someone else had already reported it, Johnson told News 8. Then Brent came around from behind his crashed vehicle, and Johnson said she asked him whether anyone else remained in the overturned car, which had just caught fire. “‘Yes, but he won’t get out,’” Johnson said Brent told her. “Well, get him out,” Stacee McWilliams said she replied to Brent.

Johnson said that was the first time she ever saw McWilliams. “‘Is he going to pull him out or let him burn up?’” Johnson said McWilliams then asked her. Monday, McWilliams told News 8 she heard Brown calling for help and then had to beg Brent to save his friend from the burning Mercedes. “I said, ‘Get him out of the car. You can’t just stand here and watch this man die. Pull him out of the car!’ And he said to me, ‘He won’t get out.’ I said, ‘GET HIM OUT OF THE’ – you know commanded him – ‘get him out of the car!’” McWilliams, seen below, explained.



  1. Mack said on December 13th, 2012:

    Thank God she put on her good earrings and makeup and Sunday clothes for her tale as the true avenging angel of the situation… Maybe try some tact next time?

  2. Smitty said on December 13th, 2012:

    This is cray cray…dude wrong for dat he let his friend burn up yo

  3. Christnme-cbfan said on December 19th, 2012:

    People are fast to judge for a tv interview. Did you ever think (outof mind-outof body) that Josh Brent had no ideal what was happening. Maybe God put you (McWilliams) there to help him get throw it, to go to his friend, but McWilliams you say he is no hero, you are no help either. If someone else is calling for help, why you leave him for a phone. You could have help to ,but no, I guess you didn't want your weave to burn(you was in your -guess-right mind). The things we say, ask, or do for a tv show-out on other people. This is not the first or last DUI-DWI of anyone. He just happened to be a COWBOY player. But for Jerry Brown jr. (God takes us when He want us). No one could have really helped Brown, he made it to the hospital and died. We are all born on specific date/time-going to leave on a given date/time/how. McWilliams how are you leaving this earth, I want to leave with CHRIST. Thank GOD for people not like you McWilliams.

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