Alcohol seems to be a truth serum, as it relates to Diddy showing his "love" for Usher. During a ustream session for an event Kevin Hart hosted, Diddy slipped up and admitted he slept with Usher, quickly trying to cover-up what he just revealed with fast talk. The look on Kevin Hart and Usher's face spoke volumes. Watch clip below and let us know what you think! 

Diddy says to Kevin Hart, “Come over here, don’t sit on the bed or nothing – no homo, just, don’t get close to the bed – don’t get close. Don’t get close, but it’s just like, we wanna thank you for hosting the thing, man. It’s been a pleasure, ya didn’t have to do it, and you did it.”

Kevin Hart responds, “No, I definitely didn’t have to do it…I definitely didn’t have to. Um…first and foremost, I’m not getting in the bed… Um shouts out to him, and what he did…”

Usher walks in, then Diddy says: “That’s my brother right here, from day one we used to wake up, and — I mean, damn, pause. But, like check this out…”

Kevin Hart starts laughing, from apparent surprise…This as Puff comes back from his pause, rambling about “wrestling” with Usher:

“I mean, I mean…back in the days, when he was like ten and I was a little bit older, his older brother…we used to fight over the Frosted Flakes. Ya know what I’m saying, before pause was invented.

“Ya know what I’m saying, this is my brother for real. We used to actually wrestle off of the, off of the, Frosted Flakes. Because he used to always get up earlier than me, and now he’s one of the richest stars in the world – and I love him.”

Via JackyJasper


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