Keyshia Cole's whole biological family have all displayed "leech," type behavior. So it's about time, Keyshia finally called them out for the "users" they really are, especially after the release of Neffe's book, Price I Paid. In the book, Neffe claims Keyshia acted very nonchalant, and didn't bother to read her manuscript, which is why Keyshia blasted her bottom-feeding ass on Twitter. Read tweets…






Neffe,  No one is checking for you or your book, so please take a _|


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  1. Ms. Toni said on January 10th, 2013:

    Real sad that they've gotten to this point. But why's Neffe so mad at Keyshia?! We know she's not perfect and family do hurtful things but if it wasn't for her Neffe wouldn't even have a career as a writer.

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