Dirty dog Clive Davis now wants to discuss Whitney Houston's dating life and sexualtiy in his autobiography, 'The Soundtrack of My Life. The shriveled face crypt keeper was asked about the lesbian rumors surrounding Whitney in the late 80's by an interviewer from theGrio.

Clive says,

“As I saw Whitney, and you keep your personal life to a separate side, I really saw her in brief relationships with men. I do write about that. She did have an interim relationship with Jermaine Jackson when he was separated.”

“I know of other boyfriends. I know she went out with Eddie Murphy for a while until she married Bobby Brown. I only knew of Robyn as her assistant, someone she grew up with, since she was a teenager. I just knew the heterosexual side of Whitney.”


  1. Kia Soto said on February 26th, 2013:

    clive gay ass needs to sit doen its over with due just enjoy ur man and ur money and stop trying to live through whitneys death

  2. Shane Witter said on February 26th, 2013:

    So he's looking to spill this woman's private life in his stupid book. smh

  3. roberta102 said on February 26th, 2013:

    Is he just trying to make a buck from Whitney's untimely passing?

    • Yazmars said on February 26th, 2013:

      Seems as though he is…He never discussed this info when she was alive.

  4. DivaWHispers said on February 26th, 2013:

    he's gone too far even though he didn't really talk bad about her still he trying to ramp up dollars…smh

  5. big nisa said on February 26th, 2013:

    Fuck Clive. His face look like a pigs ass. He's a bottom and licks anus. Lots of dirty, shitty anus. I can't stand this dude. His eyes look evil.

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