Say what you will about Katt Williams, but he's one of the most well-spoken, educated comedians around. That being said, during an interview with VLAD for Scary Movie 5, Katt was put on the spot and shown a video of Charlemagne (The Breakfast Club) dissing him. Katt didn't miss a beat, while eloquently "checking"  Charlemagne in a few breaths…. Peep video at TattleTailzz

Who you wit?


  1. NicolaGossips said on April 9th, 2013:

    He is eloquent. He responded with class.

  2. gossipdebunk said on April 9th, 2013:

    Katt's crazy!. That is all.

  3. dimples4u said on April 10th, 2013:

    Katt know what the deal is…THEY probably threatened his kids reason why he alrite with them. evil lurks

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