India Arie sat down with Oprah, for Super Soul Sundays where she discussed chart positions,  and sales figures don't define the type of artist she is. Clarity and joy is her focus nowadays….Watch below.

"I know what success is in the music industry. I know about the Billboard charts and selling, the money and all that. That was never my definition of success. So, I decided to write down my definition of success which is clarity of my intention and reaching that intention while being true to myself and with joy." 

"What's the point of having it all if you don't feel good. I know what it's like to have millions of dollars and have an ulcer and can't get out of bed and can't drink water. It's like, 'what good is that?'"


  1. Paul said on July 3rd, 2013:

    Modern day Roberta Flack

  2. DivaWhispers said on July 3rd, 2013:

    and that's how it should be

    • nicolagossip said on July 3rd, 2013:

      Really, then why cut an album, why not just perform on a street corner or a subway platform. If you're talented it's still good money.

      • Yazmars said on July 3rd, 2013:

        Because she wants money and fame…India isn\'t fooling anyone

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